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Fertility and Pregnacy Support

We work with couples during any stage of their fertility journey.  Whether you are trying naturally or working with an RE, we create custom treatment plans to promote healthy pregnancies.

How Acupuncture helps boost fertility
  • Balances hormonal cycles to help aid in conception

  • Improves fertile cervical mucus, ovarian function, and increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries

  • Reduces miscarriages and enhances the immune system

  • Decreases uterine contractions after embryo transfer and reduces side effects of medications

  • Improves thickness of the uterine lining

  • Within 3 months of treatment acupuncture can help improve egg quality and improve sperm parameters

pregnant mom to be
parents with new baby

Conditions we Treat

Unexplained Infertility

Recurrent Miscarriage

Low Ovarian Reserve


Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Anovulation (not ovulating)

Male Factor including low sperm count, motility and volume

Morning Sickness

Post Partum Depression

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